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The Shooting Stars is the sixth book in The Shooting Stars Series, by V.C. Andrews and ghostwritten by Andrew Neiderman. The omnibus, published in 2002, contains the first four books: Cinnamon, Ice, Rose, and Honey.

Synopses Edit

Four girls touched by special gifts. Four stunning New York Times Bestsellers—Together for the first time.

Cinnamon... She escaped her family's turmoil by dreaming of imaginary worlds. But it's her talent for the theater that gives Cinnamon a truly escape.

Ice... To her mother's dismay, she was a silent wallflower, not a social butterfly. Now, her secret gift—her solid-gold singing voice—may become her saving grace.

Rose... When she danced, she could dream—and when her father's secrets threatened to destroy her world, a most unlikely person gives Rose the courage to follow her heart.

Honey... Raised on her strict grandfather's farm, her natural-born talent for the violin gave her a new life—and love with a handsome soul mate. Will a shocking revelation shatter her newfound happiness?