The De Beers Family, is a fictional upper class family, that resides in Palm Beach, Florida. This family and the Montgomery's were made up purely for the De Beers Series by V.C. Andrews.

Family Members Edit

Claude De Beers - Via born into

Alberta De Beers - via married Claude De Beers

Willow De Beers - Via adoption by Claude and Alberta

  |                                                                   |
 [[Agnes Delroy]]---[[Darwood Delroy]]                  [[Grace Montgomery]]----[[Claude De Beers]]----[[Alberta DeBeers]]                                            
              |                                                   |
          [[Margaret Shelby]]---[[Ashley Roberts]]   [[Thatcher Eaton]]----[[Willow De Beers]]----[[Miguel Feuntes]]                                                
                                                             |                 |
                                                          [[Hannah Eaton]]      [[Claude Feuntes]]

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