The Cutler Family
Family Information
Founder: William Cutler
Leader: Philip Cutler - (Current)
Status: Active
Residence: Cutler's Cove, Virgina Beach, VA
Affiliations: The Longchamp Family, The Booth Family, and Bronson Alcott
Appearances: Dawn, Secrets of the Morning, Twilight's Child, Midnight Whispers and Darkest Hour.
Family Members
William Cutler, Lillian Booth, Randolph Cutler, Laura Sue Cutler, Dawn Longchamp, Philip Cutler, Clara Sue Cutler, Betty Ann Cutler, Melanie Cutler and Stanley Cutler.

The Cutler Family, are a fictional family made up by author V.C. Andrews, the Cutler's own a large resort Cutler's Cove which is located on the beach clifs West Virginia, U.S.A.

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The Longchamp Family

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Immediate Members of the Cutler Family:

William Cutler (Birth)

Lillian Booth (Marraige)

Laura Sue Cutler (Marriage)

Dawn Longchamp (Birth)

Philip Cutler (Birth)

Clara Sue Cutler (Adopted, via Laura Sue)

Betty Ann Monroe (Marriage)

Melanie Cutler (Birth)

Richard Cutler (Birth)

Other Members of the Cutler Family:

Jimmy Longchamp (Marriage, via Dawn)

Bronson Alcott (Marriage, via Laura Sue)

Christie Longchamp (Birth, via Dawn)

Jefferson Longchamp (Birth, via Dawn)

Unnamed Longchamp Child?? (Miscarriage, via Dawn)

Family Tree Edit

Bronson Alcott m. Laura Sue Thomas c. William Cutler m. Lillian Booth
| | |
Clara Sue Cutler Eugenia Cutler Randolph Cutler m. Laura Sue Thomas
Betty Ann Monroe m. Philip Cutler
| |
Melanie Cutler Richard Cutler

Trivia Edit


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