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The Casteel Family are a ficional family created by V.C Andrews. They were often refererd to as "hill-billies" and "hill-scum" by the towns people in the town of Winnerow. The family becomes very well-to-do and ok in the end of the series, thanks to Heaven Casteel.

The Casteel Family.


Fanny Casteel - (Current).
Winnerow, Virginia.

See AlsoEdit

The Tatterton Family.

Immediate Members of the Casteel Family:Edit

[Toby Casteel] (Birth).

[Annie Brandywine Casteel] (Marriage).

Luke Casteel (Birth).

Leigh VanVoreen (Marriage).

Heaven Casteel (Adoption, via Leigh).

Sarah Casteel (Marriage).

Tom Casteel (Birth).

Fanny Casteel (Birth).

Keith Casteel (Birth).

Jane Casteel (Birth).

Stacie Casteel (Marriage).

Drake Casteel (Birth).

Other Members of the Casteel Family.Edit

Logan Stonewall (Marriage, via Heaven).

Annie Stonewall (Birth, via Heaven).

Luke Casteel Jr. (Birth, via Fanny).

Randal Wilcox (Marriage, via Fanny).

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