Thatcher Eaton
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Thatcher Eaton
Relatives: Hope Eaton (Mother), Asher Eaton (father), Hannah Eaton (Daughter), Adrian Eaton (Son), Cade Eaton (Son), Whitney Eaton Shugar (Sister), Hans Shugar (Brother-in-law), Quentin Shugar (Nephew), Laurel Shugar (Niece), Willow DeBeers (Ex-wife), Danielle Eaton (Wife, 2nd marriage) and Willow DeBeers (Ex-wife, 1st marriage).
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Appearances: Willow, Wicked Forest and Twisted Roots
Portrayed By: N/A

Thatcher Eaton, is the ex-husband of Willow DeBeers, and the biological father of Hannah Eaton in the DeBeers Series by V.C. Andrews. In the first novel Willow to the third novel Twisted Roots Thatcher goes from being the kind supportive man in Willow's life to the cold hearted ex-husband.

Willow Edit

Wicked ForestEdit

Divorce to WillowEdit

Twisted RootsEdit


Hannah Eaton

Adrian & Cade Eaton


Willow DeBeers

Danielle Eaton

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