Rain Arnold
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Rain Hudson/Ward/ Arnold Clarke
Relatives: Megan Randolph (Biological Mother), Larry Ward (Biological Father), Everett Hudson (Grandfather, deceased), Frances Hudson (Grandmother, deceased), Victoria Hudson (Half-Aunt, deceased), Grant Randolph (Step-Father), Latisha Hudson (Adopted Mother, deceased), Ken Arnold (Adopted Father), Beni Arnold (Adopted Sister, deceased), Roy Arnold (Adopted Brother), Summer Clarke (Daughter), Austin Clarke (Husband), Latisha Arnold Jr. (Adopted Niece), Glenda Robinson (Adopted Sister-in-law), Brody Randolph (Half Brother, deceased), Alison Randolph (Half Sister), Richard Endfield (Great Uncle), Leonora Endfield (Great Aunt), Heather Endfield (2nd Cousin, deceased), Leanna Ward (Step-Mother), Alexandra Ward (Half Sister), and William Ward (Half Brother), Austin Clarke (husband)
Status: Alive
Occupation: Actress
Appearances: Rain, Lightning Strikes, Eyes of the Storm, End of the Rainbow, Gathering Clouds and Rain (Movie) (Actually seen).
Portrayed By: Brooklyn Sudano

Rain Arnold, is the love child of Megan Randolph and Larry Ward and the grandchild of Frances and Everett Hudson. In the mid 1980's Megan Hudson/Randolph engaged in a love affair with Larry Ward which resulted in Rain. Shortly after her birth, Rain was quickly sold off by her grandfather Everett Hudson who was ashamed of having a biracial child. Rain was adopted by Latisha and Ken Arnold who already had two other children, Beni and Roy Arnold, it wasn't until a few days prior to her adopted sister Beni's murder that Rain learned that she was adopted.