Dr Paul Sheffield became a doctor after graduating medical school and married his high school sweetheart Julia and they both had a son, Scotty. However Julia was mentally ill after being raped by an older relative as a child and as a result, is repulsed by sex or the idea of sex. Paul, having enough of a sexless marriage, goes on to have an affair and Julia decided to punish him by drowning herself and Scotty on Scotty's 3rd birthday, Julia however survived and was sent to a mental hospital and remained their until her death.

Petals on the Wind

Doctor Paul Sheffield

Dr Paul Sheffield in 1960

Cathy, Chris and Carrie come across Dr Paul Sheffield shortly after their escape from Foxworth Hall. He takes them in to be examined and listens to their story about being locked up in Foxworth Hall for over 3 years and fed arsenic on donuts. Paul later adopts them as his children and helps them towards their goals, Cathy in ballet, Chris as a doctor and Carrie, what ever she wanted.

Cathy tries to seduce Paul, at first he is astounded at the idea of sleeping with his then 15 year old adoptive daughter but later gives in to her advances when she turns 16. He and Cathy keep their relationship a secret until Chris figures out and is disgusted. Cathy and Paul plan to marry when she turns 18 but she later discovers from Paul's disapproving sister that Paul's wife, Julia was still alive. Cathy marries Julian Marquet and confronts Paul about Julia. He admits Julia was still alive when Cathy and her siblings came to live with him but had died just after they got together.


Paul Sheffield's funeral

As the years passed, Paul grew older and on the night Foxworth Hall burned to the ground, Paul suffered a heart attack trying to save his house keeper Henny when she was having a stroke. Henny died but Paul lived on but still weak from heart trouble. He finally marries Cathy and her sons, Jory and Bart take on his last surname. Cathy looks after her ill husband for the next 6 years of their marriage before he finally tells Cathy to be with Chris after he is gone. Paul passed away peacefully in his sleep whilst sleeping on the veranda.

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