"Say what you want about your grandmother, she's a powerful woman with eyes like a hawk. She sees things other people close their eyes to, and she goes and does what has to be done."
Mrs. Dalton to Dawn.[src]

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Lillian Booth
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Lillian Booth Cutler
Relatives: Aaron (father, deceased), Violet (mother, deceased), Georgia Booth (aunt, deceased), Jed Booth (uncle, deceased), Emily Booth (cousin, deceased), Eugenia Booth (cousin, deceased), Randolph Cutler (son, deceased), Charlotte Booth (daughter), Dawn Longchamp (step-daughter, deceased), Homer Booth (grandson, deceased), Philip Cutler (grandson), Clara Sue Cutler (presumed: grandaughter, deceased), Christie Longchamp (step-granddaugher), Laura Sue Cutler (daughter-in-law, deceased), Jimmy Longchamp (stepson-in-law), Betty Ann Monroe (granddaughter-in-law), Melanie Cutler (great granddaughter) and Richard Cutler (great grandson).
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Former Hotel Owner (Cutler's Cove)
Appearances: Dawn, Secrets of the Morning, Twilight's Child (Mentioned only), Midnight Whispers (Mentioned only) and Darkest Hour.
Portrayed By: N/A
Lillian Cutler, is the third main character, in The Cutler Series. In the books Dawn, Secrets of the Morning and Twilight's Child, she is the main villain and is referred to as Grandmother Cutler. In the series prequel Darkest Hour, Lillian is portrayed as the main protagonist and this book explains partly why she became so bitter and cruel, along with Twilight's Child. Lillian is the Grandmother of Dawn Longchamp to public eyes, while in reality she is the wicked stepmother of Dawn, she pretends to love Dawn to the public, while in private she is utterly cruel to everyone around her, including Dawn. Lillian runs and operates the Cutler's Cove Hotel in Cutler's Cove, Virginia. She is extremely efficient at what she does, and is very well-known and respected in the area for her work. In "Secrets of the Morning," she sends Dawn to live with her sister, Emily Booth to the Booth plantation in the meadows, knowing that Emily is a religious fanatic, would treat Dawn like a sinner and slave. And even have baby Christie given up for adoption after she is born. She later suffers a severe stroke and is rushed to hospital. In the hospital Dawn demands that Lillian tell her where her daughter, Christie was. Lillian whispers in Dawn's ear "You're my curse" she then flatlines and doctors try to revive her but Lillian dies without telling Dawn where her daughter is.
Grandmother cutler

At her will reading, it is discovered that her late husband, William Cutler, fathered Dawn through his rape of Laura-sue, making Lillian her stepmother rather than her grandmother. And also Randolph's half-sister and also the half-sister/half-aunt of Phillip and Clara-sue.

Trivia Edit

  • Lillian was raped by her uncle/adopted father Jed Booth, got pregnant with Charlotte by him, agreed to hide in a small room, let her aunt/adopted mother Georgia Booth fake a pregnancy, adopt Charlotte and pass Charlotte off as her own; thus making Charlotte Lillian's cousin/ adopted sister - Darkest Hour.