Grandmother Cutler is not going to be happy, you've failed once again not to do your chores. Please finish them, before she gets upset. Gosh darn it, uh oh, oh no!... quick run and hide, I'll make up a lousy excuse to hold her off!

Joel Joseph Foxworth, was the second son of Malcolm Foxworth, Sr. and Olivia Winfield. He and his brother Mal were always the butt of their father's critism and both of them loathed him with a passion. After Mal's death in a motocycle accident, Joel leaves Foxworth Hall to pursue an orchestra career, despite his father's disapproval. He is later believed to have died in an avalance, but really was found by monks who took him to an italian monastery where he spend the next fifty-seven years before returning to Foxworth Hall to gain the Foxworth family fortune. Although he greets his niece and nephew, Cathy and Chris (then in their 50s) to the newly built Foxworth Hall, he starts twisting his great-nephew, Bart's mind about God and Hell. He also discovered he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and after Chris's death in a hit and run accident, left Foxworth Hall to live out the rest of his days in the italian monastery where he later dies.
Joel Foxworth
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Joel Joseph Foxworth
Relatives: Garland Foxorth (Grandfather, deceased); Corrine, Sr. (Grandmother); Malcolm Foxworth, Sr. (Father, deceased); Olivia Winfield (Mother, deceased); Malcolm Foxworth Jr. (Brother, deceased); Corrine Foxworth, Jr. (Half-Sister, deceased); Chrisopher Foxworth, Sr. (Uncle/Half-Brother, deceased); Chrisopher Dollanganger, Jr. (Nephew, deceased); Catherine Dollanganger (Niece, deceased); Carrie Dollanganger (Niece, deceased); Cory Dollanganger (Nephew, deceased); Jory Marquet (Great Nephew); Bart Winslow, Jr. (Great Nephew); Cindy Sheffield (Great Niece); Darren Marquet (Great-Great Nephew); Deidre Marquet (Great-Great Niece); Unnamed Child (Great-Great Niece/Nephew) )
Status: Deceased; died of cancer
Occupation: Musician
Appearances: Garden of Shadows
Portrayed By:

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