Jana Jankins was the mother of Jillian Tatterson, mother-in-law to Tony Tatterton, grandmother to Leigh VanVoreen, Great-grandmother to Heaven Casteel and Great-great-grandmother to Annie Stonewell.

Web of Dreams

Jana was shown to be hostile towards Jillian but very close to Leigh. One day she asks her daughter if Leigh knows that Cleave VanVoreen (Jillian's first husband) is not her biological father, completely unaware that Leigh was listening. She treated Jillian badly when she was a girl but spoiling her other daughters.

Dark Angel

Jana only makes a brief appearance visiting Farthinggale to meet her Great-granddaughter Heaven Casteel. She is by this point, showing her age, using a walking stick and needing to sit down most of the time.

Fallen Hearts

She doesn't appear but is mentioned to now be residing in a nursing home. She died of old age before the events of Gates of Paradise.

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