Henry Patton was one of the servants that worked at the Meadows Plantation and who Lillian Booth was very close to as a child and even as an adult. Henry's father was mentioned by Lillian in Darkest Hour, as a Confederate Soldier who fought in the U.S. Civil War, because he believed that loyalty to his master was more important than his freedom. When Lillian was a child, she used to sit out with Henry on a log in front of the Meadow's Smoke House, while he carved her small rabbits and foxes. Once during a summer day when a storm was coming, Henry pointed over to an old oak tree bending against the wind and told Lillian what his mother told him; a branch that doesn't bend to the wind gets broken. He also told Lillian that she must always go with the wind, Lillian asked what would happen if the wind stopped, Henry replied then she can go her own way. Lillian never forgot what Henry had said to her, which could probably have contributed to her stern nature later on in the other novels, when she later ran Cutler's Cove.

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