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Garland Foxworth is the late father of Malcolm Neal Foxworth and Garland Christopher Foxworth . He was the husband of Corrine, Sr . and Alicia as well as the Great Grandfather of the Dollanager children.His character only appears in Garden of Shadows.
Garland Foxworth
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Garland Foxworth
Relatives: Corrine, Sr. (divorced)
Alicia(deceased; Wife)</b>
Malcolm Foxworth, Sr.(Son, deceased)
Olivia Winfield (daughter-in-law, deceased)
Malcolm Foxworth, Jr. (grandson, deceased)
Joel Foxworth (grandson; deceased)
Corrine Foxworth (granddaughter; deceased)
Christopher Foxworth (Son, deceased)
Christopher Dollanganger, Jr. (Great-Grandson; deceased)
Catherine Dollanganger (Great-Granddaughter; deceased)
Carrie Dollanganger (Great-Granddaughter; deceased)
Cory DollangangerGreatt-Grandson, deceased)
Jory Marquet (Great-Great-Grandson)
Bart Winslow, Jr. (Great-Great Grandson)
Cindy Sheffield (adopted; Great-Great Granddaughter
Darren Marquet(Great-Great Grandson)
Deidre Marquet (Great-Great Granddaughter)
Unnamed Child Marquet (Great-Great Grandchild)
Status: Deceased; Heart attack
Occupation: Business Man
Appearances: Garden of Shadows
Portrayed By:

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Garland's early life. 

First Marriage and DivorceEdit

At some point, probably his early adult life, Garland married a beautiful woman name, Corrine. They had a son, Malcolm. At some point, Corrine fell in love with someone else and abandoned Garland and young Malcolm to run off with her lover. 

Second MarriageEdit

At some point before his introduction in Garden of Shadows, Garland met a young woman named Alicia. Alicia was much younger than her new husband. 

Garden of ShadowsEdit

Garland is introduced in Part II with his new wife Alicia, who is only nineteen. Alicia and Garland had married several years previous, but had been honeymooning in Europe. Alicia later gives birth to their son Christopher, which makes Malcolm quite unhappy. Malcolm doesn't want another heir taking away any money from his inheritance.

On the night of Christopher's third birthday, Garland witnesses Malcolm attempting to rape Alicia. Garland and Malcolm get in a fight, which ends with the former suffering a heart attack and dying.

Physical ApperanceEdit


Jovial and generally happy; A direct opposite to the personality of Malcolm. Fun-loving and somewhat naïve of the ruthlessness and greed of Malcolm as well as his lust for Alicia.



Garland's first wife was a very beautiful woman named Corinne; their only son was Malcolm. After Corinne abandoned her family, Garland divorced Corinne and raised Malcolm by himself. Malcolm resented Garland for not making Corinne stay, seeing her abandonment as Garland's fault and believing Garland was weak because of it. Malcolm portrays Garland as an indifferent parent who never did anything with him, but several claims made by Garland seem to dispute this. Garland later married Alicia and became the father to Christopher. Malcolm's daughter with Alicia, Corrine, is his granddaughter as well as daughter-in-law of Garland. His great-grandchildren (they are also his grandchildren through his son Christopher) are Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie. Bart and Jory are his great-great-grandchildren (Or Great-grandchildren through his son), and Deidre and Darren are his great-great-great grandchildren(Or Great-Great-Grandchildren). His grandsons are Malcolm Jr. and Joel.

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