"She was to be anything but a tomboy. Maybe it would have been better if she had been less feminine"
Catherine Landry[src]

Gabrielle (1927-1947)
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Gabriel Landry
Relatives: Ruby Landry (daughter, alive),Gisselle Dumas (daughter, deceased), Paul Tate (son, deceased), Catherine Landry (mother,deceased), Jack Landry (father, deceased)

Pearl Andreas (granddaughter), Pierre Andreas (grandson), Jean Andreas (grandson, deceased)

Status: Deceased
Occupation: Swamp Guide, student
Appearances: Tarnished Gold
Portrayed By: N/A

Gabrielle Landry, was the mother of Ruby Landry, Giselle Dumas and Paul Tate.Gabrielle is also a main character in the Landry series by V.C. Andrews. She makes an appearance in Tarnished Gold and is mentioned in all the other Landry books.

Early LifeEdit

Gabrielle was born in the bayou to Jack and Catherine Landry in 1927. Catherine became pregnant with Gabrielle before she married Jack. Gabrielle developed a love towards the bayou and was able to interact with animals at a young age. As a result, she made few friends in school and was considered an outsider.

Shortly before her graduation from high school, she is raped by Octavious Tate in her 'private swamp.' Although she is shaken, she gathers herself together and returns home without telling her mother. When she realizes that she is pregnant, her mother gets the story out of her, only to be overheard by her father. When he hears this, he drags Gabrielle to the Tates' mansion, and they come up with a plan to pass the baby off as theirs in exchange for monetary compensation. Gabrielle give birth to a boy, whom the Tates name Paul.

Still shaken from the rape and subsequent pregnancy and birth, Gabrielle pines after baby Paul, longing to see him, and sneaking into town at every opportunity to spy on him. Not long afterward, she turns to a wealthy but kind man named Pierre Dumas for comfort. They have a love affair and she becomes pregnant by him, much to her father's fury and disgust. Her father offers the same plan to pass the baby off as Pierre and his wife's, Daphne, baby. They agree, as Daphne is unable to have children. At the birth, it is discovered that she was actually carrying twins. Catherine decides not to tell Jack this at the fear of losing a grandchild for her to love. When Gabrielle sees one of the twins, she names the baby girl Ruby, and the other twin, whom Pierre and Daphne name Gisselle, is taken away. Moments after seeing the twins, Gabrielle dies of blood loss.

Isolation in the Tate MansionEdit


Gabriel pregnant with Paul


Leigh VanVoreen, like Gabrielle Landry, dies in childbirth, due to too much blood loss after giving birth to her daughter, Heaven Casteel.