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Foxworth Hall is a grand estate in Charlottesville, Virginia. It has been home for generations of the Foxworth family for over two hundred years.

On the property is a lake large enough to ice skate and swim in. The estate also has large gardens and a small living quarters for the servants and groundskeepers.

Some of the mansion's rooms and areas include a ballroom, a trophy room full of stuffed animal heads, a large library, the 'famous' swan room complete with a swan shaped bed (formally kept as a shrine to Malcolm Neal Foxworth's mother who abandoned him as a child).

The third floor contains the bedroom where the Dollanganger children were imprisoned. This room lead to a secret passageway to the attic via closet. The attic had a sound proof classroom, armories full of old clothes including uniforms from the Civil War (and possibly other rooms and/or passageways leading to different parts of the house), leather-bound trunks, books, old furniture and much more. At one point, the children find a picture of their great grandmother, Corrine (their mother's namesake).

The mansion was burned to the ground in Petals on the Wind, but was rebuilt in an exact replica in Seeds of Yesterday. This later became home to Cathy's children.

Foxworth hall mansion

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