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In the stories by V. C. Andrews, Foxworth Hall is a grand and immense estate sitting on over 100 acres of land in Charlottesville, Virginia. It has been the headquarter home for generations of the Foxworth family for over two hundred years.

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Welcome to Foxworth Hall

On the property is many beautiful gardens and a large lake big enough to swim or ice skate in. The grounds are also surrounded by lots of trees that hide the mansion from view to any outsiders. There is also a small living quarters for the servants and groundskeepers.

The mansion consists of high staircases, long corridors and sitting rooms filled with antique decor. The mansion also includes a huge ballroom for parties and social events, a trophy room full of mounted animal heads, a large library filled with hundreds of books, and a famous swan room complete with a swan shaped bed (formally kept as a shrine to Malcolm Neal Foxworth's mother who abandoned him as a child). The third floor contains the bedroom where the Dollanganger children were imprisoned in the late 1950's. This room was in a less visited section of the mansion were guest or visitors never roamed. This lonely little room lead to a secret passageway to the spacious attic via closet. The attic had a sound proof classroom, armories full of old clothes including uniforms from the Civil War, leather-bound trunks filled with photo albums, family keepsakes, old bibles and books. There were also lots of old antique furniture, crystal chandeliers, marble vases, lifesize statues, family heirlooms and much more. At one point, the children find a picture of their great grandmother, Corrine (their mother's namesake).


Foxworth Hall burning to the ground


The newly rebuilt Foxworth Hall in the distance

When the youngest Dollanganger child named Cory dies in the early 1960's from the poisoning of his mother Corrine, she secretly hides his dead body in a part of the attic in a treasure trunk and passes his death off as a fatal case of pneumonia. Because the attic was so large, no one smelled the decomposing body. Years later in the early 1970's the Foxworths threw a Christmas party. But the function was uninterrupted when Corrine's oldest daughter Cathy confronted her mother in front of the party guest about her crimes against her family. So in a state of madness, Corrine started a fire in the attic of the mansion, setting the whole house ablaze, killing her bedridden mother named Olivia and new younger husband in the process. Foxworth Hall was rebuilt during the 1980's and finished by the time Corrine died. In her will, she left everything to her grandson, Bart Sheffield.

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