The first Audrina was the "older sister" of Audrina Adare who was born exactly nine years before her. She died on her ninth birthday after being gang-raped by three boys in the woods. Many years later, Audrina finds out that she is the first Audrina.

Creation of the First AudrinaEdit

The first Audrina was created after Audrina was gang raped. Audrina disobeyed her parents and took the dirt pathway through the woods while skipping home from school. Three boys jumped out and ambushed her, and although she tried to run, the boys caught her. Audrina kicked and fought, but the boys ripped off her clothes and raped her. Thus, she had severe trauma at nine years old. She was taken inside and bathed, making her feel worse. Audrina was severly traumatized, not eating or drinking. She drove her cat away with stones and broke all the mirrors in her home once. Eventually, Damian took her to a psycatrist, where Audrina had electric shock treatments. Damian couldn't bear to see Audrina strapped down and hurt, so he tried to heal her himself. He and the family conspired to tell Audrina that she had an older, more special sister who died on her ninth birthday after being raped due to the three boys murdering her. Her room (Audrina's old room) is kept "like a shrine to a dead princess."