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Quotes for 2010 Edit

December 2010:Edit

Coming soon...

November 2010:Edit

"Daphne would bust a gut if she could see how well you have done for yourself, sister dear."
Gisselle Dumas to Ruby Landry[src]

October 2010:Edit

"Beware of promises Gabriel, even the ones you make yourself. Promises are like spiderwebs we weave to trap our own dreams, but dreams have a way of thinning out until you're left with nothing but the web. "
Catherine to Gabrielle.[src]

September 2010:Edit

"I don't know him enough to like him, mommy." "Okay," she said, and then dropped the smile from her lips and looked hard at me. "Don't let what happened to Autumn Sullivan dominate your relationships with boys, honey. Keep it all in mind, be cautious, but don't be afraid of yourself. Do you know what I mean? I want you to have fun, too. There's a balance you have to find. If you make every boy you meet feel like he's a rapist, you won't have any good times, and before you know it, you'll have left all the opportunities behind and never have a real youth. With all the moving we've done, I'm always afraid you'll miss out on all the fun."
Jackie Lee to Grace.[src]

July/ August 2010:Edit

"Everyone looked devastated, not least of all Senior Lopez. "They were truly like my own children," he said. "Mi hijo y mi hija."
Senior Lopez.[src]

May/ June 2010:Edit

"Maybe loneliness in that sense isn't so terrible, Willow. Maybe it's good to remember and long for things that you loved so much and that touched you so deeply. Maybe they will help you provide those things for the people you love now. Will they? Will they? he echoed back to me. I smiled. Answering a question with a question. Always the psychiatrist. Always the psychiatrists daughter."
Unknown Character to Willow DeBeers.[src]

Quotes from 2009 Edit

May 2009:Edit

"That little... Witch is the only word that fits her. Wait until I get my hands on her."
Philip Cutler to Dawn.[src]

June/July 2009:Edit

"Say what you want about your grandmother, she's a powerful woman with eyes like a hawk. She sees things other people close their eyes to, and she goes and does what has to be done."
Mrs. Dalton to Dawn.[src]

August 2009:Edit

"Of Course. I'll wear a tuxedo and you'll come floating down the long stairway, looking like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind with your dress trailing behind you. And you'll say- "
Luke Casteel to Annie.[src]

September - October 2009:Edit

"I don't think my grandmother's ever going to let up on me. For some reason she hates me, hates the sight of me, I said."
Dawn Longchamp to James Longchamp.[src]

November 2009:Edit

"Nothing was ever my fault. Behind me lay a trail of dead men. But I wasn't responsible for the death of even one of them, was I? No, of course not. It was a wonder Chris had the nerve to climb in the car and sit beside me, his car heading west. Going west like the pioneers to seek a future and find different kind of lives. Paul left everything he owned to me, including his family home. Though his will had stated that if I decided to see, he wanted Amanda to have the final bid."
Catherine Dollangagner.[src]

December 2009:Edit

"I loved saving things like that, memenots of all my special occasions: the candles from my tenth birthday cake, the one that was so big it took Clerence the butler and Svenson the cook to carry it into the dinning room; the candy angel on the top of the four-foot christmas tree Momma had baught to have placed in my playroom when I was five; tickets from the circus Daddy took me to when it came to Boston last year; a play program from the Punch and Judy Puppet Show at the museum Momma and I went to when I was seven, and the dozens of odds and ends like buttons and pins and even old shoe laces. So Daddy knew that memories were precious to me, "
Leigh VanVoreen.[src]

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