Daphne Dumas
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Daphne
Spouse: Pierre Dumas, Bruce Bistow
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Businesswoman
Portrayed By:
Family Members

 Daphne is Ruby and Giselle's stepmother. Daphne is tall, very intelligent and strikingly beautiful, but these traits belie her cold, calculating and manipulative nature. She brought up Pierre's' daughter, Gisselle for 15 years before Ruby came on to the scene and makes her life a misery, even going so far as to trick her into visiting her uncle Jean in an institution, tricking her into being committed.  She remarried shortly after her husband passes away. She seems cheerful when Ruby and Gisselle return for Christmas and spoils them with gifts, only to send them back to Greenwood when Gisselle's New Years eve party results in the mess of the house. When Ruby got pregnant, Daphne sent Ruby to a filthy back alley abortion clinic and cuts off ties with Ruby when she refused to go through with it. Daphne was only seen briefly in the third book and was later killed in a horse riding accident.

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