Cleave was the first husband of Jillian Tatterton and step-father of Leigh Vanvoreen.


Cleave Vanvoreen lived in Boston with his wife Jillian and daughter Leigh. He operates Ocean liners for his shipping company and travels around with his family. He gives Leigh a diary for her birthday. Jillian however, tired of the constant sea travel as well as her husband's dedication to his business, cheats on Cleave with Tony Tatterton, a wealthy man 20 years her junior. She returns to Boston early to divorce Cleave and marries Tony, then she and Leigh move with him to Farthinggale Manor.

It is later discovered that Leigh is not his biological daughter, Jillian having been pregnant with a man named Chester Goodwyn before she married Cleave, but Cleave doesn't find that out. He however distances himself on Leigh on numerous occasions and eventually meets someone else. He invites Leigh to a restaurant to meet her but Leigh just leaves the restaurant because she sees that Cleave has little interest in her life anymore. Cleave never sees Leigh again, as she dies in childbirth a year after her last meeting with him, his granddaughter (step), Heaven being the result.


Cleave was mentioned to Heaven as being her biological grandfather, but he died a few years previously.

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