Cinnamon is the first book in The Shooting Stars Series by V.C. Andrews, ghostwritten by Andrew Neiderman, and published in 2001. The series begins with the story of Cinnamon Carlson, a high school student struggling with her overbearing grandmother and workaholic father while her mother suffers a nervous breakdown after a miscarriage. Despite the turmoil going on at home and at school, Cinnamon discovers she has a talent for acting and uses this skill to not only survive her obstacles but also to pave the way to a promising career in the theatre.

Synopsis Edit

Cinnamon loves the shadows, because that's where no one can find her...

For Cinnamon, dreaming of imaginary worlds and characters is her only escape from her mother's breakdowns. Her grandmother's overbearing control. Her family's turmoil. But Cinnamon is discovering something special about herself, a gift from deep within that sets her apart: a talent for the theater that would finally give her a chance... to truly escape.

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