Chris sr

Christopher Foxworth was the son of Garland and Alicia Foxworth and younger half-brother of Malcolm Neal Foxworth as well as half-uncle of Corrine Foxworth whom he later married. He came to live at Foxworth Hall at 17 and sent to medical school funded by Malcolm, but was cut off after eloping with Corrine. He later fathered his sons Chris and Cory and daughters Carrie and Cathy.

Flowers in the Attic

Christopher was a loving father to Chris, Cathy, Cory and Carrie who worked for a computer manufacturing company in Pennsylvania and went on many business trips on Monday and came back Friday. He later died in a car accident on Greenway highway on his 36th birthday.

Seeds of Yesterday

After Chris's death in a hit and run accident, Cathy orders the body of her father, Christopher senior, to be removed from Gladstone to the same cemetery where Corrine, Carrie, Julian, Paul and Henny were buried so he can be buried with his wife and children.

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