Corrine Foxworth (until she was 18) lived with her two brothers, who were both presumed dead, along with their parents Olivia Foxworth and Malcolm Foxworth in Foxworth Hall until they passed away in Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind, the house was then left to Corrine Foxworth in Malcolm Foxworth's will. Foxworth Hall burnt down in Petals on the Wind. It was left to Catherine Foxworth and Bartholomew Winslow's child, Bart. Corrine Foxworth died in a fire at her mansion in If there be Thorns.

Catherine Foxworth, Christopher Foxworth Jr., Carrie Foxworth, and Cory Foxworth were imprisoned in the attic of Foxworth Hall causing them to all have some mental defect. The children were poisoned by doughnuts laced with arsenic. Cory died a few months before the children's escape at the end of Flowers in the Attic. Other Foxworth's were sent to the attic to play (Corrine Foxworth, Malcolm Foxworth) as punishment.

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