Carrie Dollangagner is one of twin children borrn to Corinne and Christopher Dollangagner.  Her earliest days were spent as an adored child and one of the "Dresden Dolls" as locals called them.  She was four years old when her father died tragically in an automobile accident, and when she was hidden in the small room in the Foxworth mansion.

After being imprisoned in the room for months, Carrie began to forget her actual mother, and instead regarded her older sister Cathy as her real mom, and her older brother Chris as her real father.  Carrie relied for much of her companionship on her twin brother Cory, the same way Cathy relied heavily on Chris, although both twins looked to Chris and Cathy for affection, instruction, and food.

During their time in the mansion's upper area, Carrie helps her siblings decorate the attic (accessible due to a staircase from their room, and unvisited by the mansion's staff) with paper flowers to turn it into a facsimilie garden.  However, both she and Cory seem to accept their grandmother's cruel punishments and strict religious dogma as reflecting why they should be imprisoned--i.e., they are the children of incest, as Christopher was actually Christopher Foxworth, half-uncle to Corinne (as their great-grandfather had married a much younger woman).

However, in Garden of Shadows, the fifth book of the Dollangagner series and also prequel to the entire storyline, it is revealed that Malcolm Foxworth, the children's grandfather, had raped his stepmother, and so Christopher Foxworth was actually Corinne Foxworth's half-brother, making the relationship even more incestuous.  However, it is not clear whether Christopher ever knew that he was Corinne's half-brother, and he may have only believed that he was her half-uncle, with a limited genetic link to Corinne.

She and Cory suffer physically the most from their captivity.  During their three years, Carrie and Cory only grow two inches or so in height, and lose their natural coloring and health.  She becomes exceptionally listless and inactive, and after Cory's death, she loses much of her desire to escape her prison, feeling unwilling to leave the place where Cory died.  Cathy finally coaxes Carrie to leave by suggesting that Cory is in Heaven rooting for her and the other Dresden Dolls to live freely and happily in the world.

Despite being freed from the Foxworth mansion, Carrie does not gain much strength or make up for the height she never achieved during her three plus years as a prisoner.  She pines frequently for Cory, and becomes very religious, although she is much gentler and more forgiving in her expressions of piety.  She comes to win the affections of a young man who is studying to become a minister, but this is when Carrie recalls more vividly her grandmother Olivia's lectures about the "sinfulness" of the Dresden Dolls.   She attempts suicide, and Cathy believes at first that this was Carrie's way to remove herself from her minister, even though he had declared that he would renounce the ministry so long as Carrie would be his wife.

However, Cathy learns that Carrie's suicide resulted from Carrie accidentally encountering Corinne.  Corinne, however, mindful of the fact that she would lose her inherited fortune if she were to have had any children from her first marriage or any future relationship, had acted as though Carrie were insane to call her mother.  Carrie had decided that she was better off joining Cory in Heaven, and died soon after she admitted all of this to Cathy.

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