Cat Carson
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Cathy Carson
Relatives: Howard Carson (adopted father, brother-in-law)

Geraldine Carson (adopted mother, maternal half-sister) Unborn adopted sibling/niece or nephew (deceased)

Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Appearances: Misty

Star Jade Cat Into the Garden

Portrayed By: N/A

Cathy 'Cat' Carson is one of the main protagonists of The Wildflowers Series. She is the narrator of the books Cat and Into the Garden.

Early Life Edit

Cat is the adopted daughter of Howard and Geraldine Carson, though she didn't learn she was adopted until she was in her late teens. Cat's father was often working and didn't have much time for her, and her mother is very strict and conservative. When Cat was in her teens, her father began teaching her about sex and boys, which was actually a thinly veiled excuse to sexually abuse her. Cat felt ashamed and confused by these actions, as she knew little about sex and desperately wanted her father to love and notice her. Cat's father eventually raped her, after which he revealed he wasn't her biological father, devastating Cat and further confusing her. Understandably traumatised by these events, Cat suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to hospital, where she revealed everything. Her mother divorced her father, though chose not to press charges and he disappeared. Cat was sent to Doctor Marlowe for therapy.

The Wildflowers Series Edit

Cat is very shy and reserved, saying little in the sessions. Misty is the kindest to her and gives her the nickname Cat, which she begins using instead of Cathy. Cat manages to find the courage to tell the other girls her story in the fourth session. Afterwards, Cat learns from Geraldine that she is actually the product of an affair between Geraldine's mother and her brother-in-law, and that the newly married Geraldine adopted Cat to save the family from shame. Thus, this makes Cat and her adopted mother maternal half-sisters. Cat expresses hope that she and Geraldine can move on from their trauma together.

Personality Edit

Cat is very introverted and shy, due to her sheltered upbringing, and becomes even more so after being sexually abused. She says very little during the sessions until the time comes for her to tell her own story. She often becomes embarrassed and nervous when the others bring up boys and sex, due to her own terrible experiences. She has very poor self-esteem, but is kind and compassionate. She dislikes conflict and is easily startled.

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