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Carrie is the youngest daughter of the Dollanganger family and is Cory's fraternal twin. She loves red and purple and is said to be a mini version of Cathy. Throughout their time in the attic, Cory and Carrie look to Chris and Cathy as their surrogate parents. When they escape, Cathy always curses their mother for Carrie's short stature that was likely caused by their imprisonment. She is then sent to a private school by their benefactor, Dr. Paul Sheffield, and bullied by the other students. When Cathy finds out, Carrie is returned home and attends a school closer to home. Carrie is then mentioned later, when she has a sweet fiance boyfriend. When she finds out that he wants to be a minister, she commits suicide and is taken to the hospital. It is then that Cathy finds out about what Julian did to her and her guilt, as well as remembering all the things that their grandmother said about "devil's spawn" in the attic. These things, combined with her boyfriend's future profession caused her to feel unworthy and she later dies from her suicide attempt.

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