BettyAnn Midnightwhispers
Betty Ann Monroe
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Betty Ann Monroe
Relatives: Stuart Monroe (Father), Claudine Monroe (Mother, deceased), Philip Cutler (Husband), Richard Cutler (Son), Melanie Cutler (Daughter), Lillian Booth (Grandmother-in-law, deceased), William Cutler (Grandfather-in-law), Randolph Cutler (Father-in-law, deceased), Laura Sue Cutler (Mother-in-law, deceased), Bronson Alcott (Step-father-in-law), Dawn Longchamp (Sister-in-law, deceased), Clara Sue Cutler (Sister-in-law, deceased), Christie Longchamp (Niece), and Jefferson Longchamp (Nephew).
Status: Alive
Occupation: Co-Hotel Owner (Cutler's Cove)
Appearances: Twilight's Child, Midnight Whispers
Portrayed By: N/A

Betty Ann Cutler (née Monroe), is the wife of Philip Cutler, in the Cutler series, she and Philip have two twins together, Melanie and Richard Cutler. Betty Ann, only appears in two books, Twilight's Child and Midnight Whispers.

She first appeared in Twlight's child as a young timid college graduate who grew up in wealth and luxery and tried to follow Phillip's advice on acting like his half-sister, Dawn, even dyeing her hair blond. He and Bet got married and later had twins, Richard and Melanie. Despite being married, Phillip still longed for Dawn.

Her next and final appearence is Midnight Whispers where she has changed from a timit young girl into a narrow-minded and selfish person who thinks about appearance and is a clean freak. She takes in Dawn's two children, Christie and Jefferson after Dawn and Jimmy are killed in a fire at Cutler's cove. Betty treat Christie and Jefferson like burdens and spoils Richard and Melanie. She doesn't notice or care about Richard and Melanie's unusual closeness to each other or Phillip's un-natural love for Christie.

When she discovers that Phillip raped Christie and his attempted rape on her at Virginia beach, she leaves Cutler's cove with Richard and Melanie to live with her parents in Richmond whilst Phillip remains in a mental institution.