Bartholomew Winslow is the second husband of Corrine Foxworth and biological father of Bartholomew "Bart" Foxworth.

Flowers in the Attic

Bart was seen as a young man dancing with Corrine Foxworth, months after she came back to reconcile with her father Malcolm and get back in his good graces after eloping with her half-uncle at 18. Bart is the lawyer helping Corrine be written back in her father's will, adding a codicil, by Malcolm's orders, that she should never have had children by her first marriage to Christopher, if proven she will be disinherited. Bart later marries Corrine.

Petals on the Wind

Bart is still married to Corrine when he has an affair with Cathy (as part of her revenge against her mother) and later becomes impregnated with his child. Bart has become suspicious of his wife when she was crying over the obituary of Carrie, not knowing that she was her daughter, and her crying over an old photo album. He even uses Malcolm's desk in the library of Foxworth Hall to keep Olivia company following her stroke which left her paralyzed.

On the night of the Christmas party, Cathy reveals the truth about Corrine's crimes of locking her children up in an attic for 3 years and poisoning them to gain her inheritance from Malcolm. Bart doesn't believe her at first until he looks at the birth certificates that Cathy brought with her and confronts Corrine. Corrine admits the truth, but claims that Malcolm knew about the children and was making her keep them locked in the attic, Bart doesn't believe her and is completely disgusted at what she had done. Corrine, driving by remorse, goes insane and sets fire to Foxworth Hall. The guests along with Cathy and Chris (who had arrived shortly after a while) get out but Olivia is trapped and Bart goes to save her, both of them dying in the fire.

His son, Bartholomew Scott "Bart" Winslow Sheffield was born 9 months later.

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