Autumn Sullivan, was the friend of Grace Houston when Grace first moved to Norkfolk Naval Base. Autumn was so hungry for friendship and seemed fine and normal until Penny Martin, Wendi Charles and Ricky Smith showed up in a red sports car and teased Autumn about her abortion. After Penny and Wendi left Autumn quickly ran home before Grace could ask her questions, when Grace finally arrived for dinner at the Sullivan's home, Autumn refused to answer her bedroom door causing her older sister Caitlin Sullivan and boyfriend Jarvis Martin to come out of Caitlin's room. Catlin kept taunting Autumn saying how embaressing it was for them that she didn't come out and was leaving her friend hanging. Eventually Catlin's boyfriend Jarvis and Autumn's father Lieutenant Commander Sullivan broke down the door to find Autumn on the floor with both her arms slit, in an attempt to commit suicide. Autumn was rushed to the emergency room by her mother where she was treated and stayed in the hospital for a few days. Grace did not visit Autumn in the hospital until she got out and by then Autumn never left her room and starred up at the ceiling or walls in a state of depression. No one talked about Autumn and anyone that knew anything about her condition never told Grace and tried to avoid her. Autumn skipped school and Grace was told by her mother that Autumn had been shipped off to a special school for troubled teens, from then on Grace never saw or herd about Autumn again.

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