Alicia Foxworth, was a character who only appeared in Garden of Shadows, the prequel to Flowers in the Attic.

Alicia Foxworth
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Alicia
Relatives: Garland Foxworth (Husband, deceased); Unknown Man (Husband); Christopher Foxworth, Sr. (Son, deceased); Corrine Foxworth, Jr. (Daughter/Daughter-in-law, deceased); Christopher Dollanganger (Grandson, deceased); Catherine Dollanganger (Grandaughter, deceased); Carrie Dollanganger (Granddaughter, deceased); Cory Dollanganger (Grandson, deceased); Jory Marquet (Great Grandson); Bart Winslow, Jr. (Great Grandson); Cindy Sheffield (adopted Great Granddaughter); Darren Marquet (Great-Great Grandson); Deidre Marquet (Great-Great Grandaughter); Unnamed Child Marquet (Great-Great Grandchild)
Status: Deceased, Breast Cancer
Occupation: N/A
Appearances: Garden of Shadows
Portrayed By:

Garden of ShadowsEdit

Alicia was the nineteen-year-old wife of Garland Foxworth, making her the stepmother of Malcolm.

When she appeared, she was pregnant with their first child, who would be born and be a son named Christopher. Later on, Malcolm begins to lust for Alicia, but she spurns him.

After Garland's death, Malcolm rapes Alicia and she becomes pregnant by the encounter. Malcolm's wife Olivia hides her stepmother in-law in the attic during her pregnancy and pass the child off as hers.

Alicia is put up in the same attic her grandchildren will be locked up in later. She gives birth to Corrine and leaves Foxworth Hall, taking Christopher with her. She later remarries a country doctor and lives the remainder of her life away from Foxworth Hall.

Alicia dies of breast cancer. As a dying wish, she asks Olivia to give her son a home in Foxworth Hall.

How She Affects Dollanganger SagaEdit

With the introduction of Alicia, it is shown that she was Corrine's mother and not Olivia, which would make Corrine and Christopher half-siblings instead of niece and half-uncle respectively, as it was stated in the other books.

However, Olivia never told Corrine about how Alicia was her mother, so the niece/half-uncle story was used.

Plus, Alicia would be the maternal as well as paternal grandmother of Cathy, Chris, Cory and Carrie as well as the true great-grandmother to Bart and Jory, Cathy's sons. She is also the great-great-grandmother of Deirdre and Darren (Jory's children with Melodie).

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